We partner with you!

  • We build your menu into our online ordering platform.

  • We create a distinct URL to share on your company website or social media platforms.

  • AND... we assist you with a marketing plan to connect your business with your customers to encourage them to buy more, more often, over a longer period of time! Partnering with You Order GRUB is all about GROWING your business!

never miss an order!

Methods of receiving live notification of incoming orders listed according to the plans they're available with:

1. Dashboard on web browser: Log in to your youordergrub.com account. Keep the dashboard open on a PC during the work hours and it will make the ringing sound to notify you about new orders and will show you the details of that order. You can also print the order receipt just by the click of a button from the dashboard. 

2. Email Notifications: Get a real time email with full order details in your inbox. You can add any number of email addresses to this list.

3. Automatic Printout of Order receipts through your default printer or Fax machine: Available with premium membership, the order receipts print automatically through any default printer connected to a windows PC or a Fax machine. If you do not have any windows PC/ tablet or if you do not have a printer, then you can purchase a star micronics printer, ask support@youordergrub.com for the exact link of the printer on Amazon.com.

4. Automated Voice call Notification on cell phones: Available with premium membership, you will receive an automated call to notify that an order has been placed. The details can be viewed and printed from dashboard. 

5. Automated text message (SMS) on cell phone: This feature is also available with premium membership only, a text message (SMS) will be sent to the registered mobile number and it will notify about the new order. The details can be viewed and printed from dashboard.

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